Website Security Features

SSL Certificate / HTTPs Protocol

Our website uses an SSL certificate.  This ensures that web traffic, including any information you provide to us through forms and our online donation pages is safe.

Using an SSL certificate makes sure that:

  • No one can read the information that you send to us
  • No one can alter the information that you send to us
  • You are communicating with the intended person (our web server)

How do you tell if a website uses an SSL certificate?  Look for the lock symbol in the address bar:

(The lock may look slightly different depending on which web browser you are using)

You can click on this lock symbol for more information about the website security.

Secure Web Hosting

Our website is hosted on a secure server.  The following services are included in our website plan which help to keep our site secure:

  • Regular updates to website application software
  • Malware scanning
  • Firewall
  • Daily off-site backups (off-site means that the backup files are stored elsewhere.  In the event of a ransomware attack, these backups would be secure)

Stripe Payment Processor

Our Make a Donation pages can receive your donations via Credit Card using the Stripe payment processor.  The following security features are in place to protect your credit card and personal information:

  • Credit card info not stored on website/web server
  • Credit card/personal info sent to Stripe via HTTPs protocol (see above)
  • Sensitive data is encrypted

See for more details

Donorbox Recurring Donations

Our Become a Monthly Donor page allows you to make recurring donations using Donorbox.  Donorbox also uses Stripe as the payment processor.  The Donorbox website also uses SSL/HTTPS to secure website transactions.